For a lot of Canadians, the topic of finances can be a daunting one that we’d prefer to avoid discussing. We get advice from family, friends and the Internet, and the sheer amount of information available could just lead to confusion instead of enlightenment. And this is the case more often than not. The fact is, everyone’s financial situations, needs and goals are different, and the world of finance, whether it be personal or business, has guidelines, tips, milestones, even laws that can apply (or not) to these different situations.

Professionals we can turn to

In cases like these, where perhaps we don’t have the time, know-how or patience to handle something ourselves, as is with anything else, there are professionals we can turn to. People often think of accountants as people you go to during tax season to dump your receipts and pay a fee, and get your tax returns a few months later. Although this is what most people use accountants for, their real value proposition is severely underutilized by most Canadians.

Andrews-Datax Inc. is a Montreal-based accounting firm with almost 25 years of business.

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Organization of your finances

So, what are accountants? At their very core, they are professionals in matters of finance. In practice, they help people or businesses inspect, prepare and analyze their finances to ensure that they are operating within the law, operating efficiently and with their numbers in check. By hiring the services of an accountant, you save time, money and have the peace of mind that you are navigating the laws, paperwork and important deadlines correctly. As mentioned earlier, different things apply to different people and situations, and simple mistakes like forgetting certain forms, incorrectly filing paperwork or missing deadlines could result in lost time, headaches and even fines. An accountant is your best friend in this regard, as they provide you with the best counsel and doing their due diligence to ensure you avoid all these problems. Essentially, they make the organization of your finances their full-time job, so that you can focus on yours.

Professionals with experience and a good track record.

More importantly, you want to hire professionals with experience and a good track record. Andrews-Datax Inc. is a Montreal-based accounting firm with almost 25 years of business. Their approach is one of relieving the stress off the client, while offering comprehensive services tailored to their needs. What’s unique about them is the sheer breadth of the services they offer beyond just accounting and taxation.

Clarity around your business numbers.

They pride themselves on providing excellent counsel and informed recommendations on your business, its growth and organization, as an integral part of their service package. They’re not just the guys to prepare your papers for the tax man. Andrews-Datax even handles payroll so that all your accounting needs can be taken care of under one roof and by one team, further simplifying your life and eliminating one more to-do off your laundry list. These are the professionals that you want to trust with your personal and/or business finances because they strive “to provide clarity around your business numbers and help you understand the story behind those numbers, so that you can make better decisions for your business”.

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